Zora Jurenkova

ZORA JURENKOVA, who was born in Prague, is a Berlin-based fine arts photographer with an international background. She specialises in people, portrait and erotic photography. Zora’s favourite subjects are the stars and starlets of the burlesque scene. In recent years she has photographed BACKSTAGE at major burlesque shows in Berlin and around the world, creating unforgettable portraits and portraying atmospheric images of the stars and starlets of the burlesque scene. Zora‘s work focuses on the captivating goings-on behind the stage. For 14 years, Zora has herself been active as an alternative model and burlesque dancer with the stage name ‘Miss Popalina’. She is also a member of the ‘Teaserettes’, Germany’s first and longest running burlesque group. Her years of experience as a dancer allow Zora to capture a very special closeness to the artists in her images and offers a unique insight behind the scenes. It’s a colourful and glittering world in which the artists set aside their stage persona, open up and can be themselves - every mask slips in the backstage area. Zora’s pictures are erotic and provocative, but also elegant and stylish. When she is behind the lens, all pretence falls away and the stars can show their true face.

Zora’s motto

„Beauty is more than skin deep; to me, everyone is sexy“!